Created: 2007/8/17

10/13: Added introductions of rigs.
10/16: Added Ibuki Mountain Operation report.

Nagoya YK221

500mW CB Radio World

Operation Reports
■2007 OKINAWA Special Report
Traveled to Okinawa just for CB DXing operation. Tried a QRV on Hateruma Island, southernmost place in Japan,
Could the wave reach the island close to Taiwan, transmitted from the rod antenna only with 500mW of power?
23rd:Azama Sun Sun Beach in Anjo City, Okinawa
24th:Hateruma Island, Taketomi-machi, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa
25th:Nminoue Beach, Naha City, Okinawa

■2007 Reports
  *Ibuki Mountain Operation
    2007/10/7:Ibuki Mountain (1,377m), Maibara City, Shiga
  *Koshu Daibosatsu Operation
    2007/08/11:Kaminariiwa (2,037m), Koshu City, Yamanashi
    Biggest CB event in a year: "Summer Vacation"
    2007/07/28〜29:Mt. Hinodegatake (1,695m), Odaigahara, Nara

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   *Okinawa operation and Es